Tiger’s earliest admiration recalls a once-shy teenager cub. Social Backlinks for Linda Massarella
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HOT GO OUT: Tiger and Dina on senior school prom in ’93 (above). Dina Parr these days (below) ( JOHN CHAPPLE )

Right here is the lady who out of cash padraig harrington’ center — a long time before he turned a lecherous links legend.

The player ended up being just a cuddly cub when he decrease frustrating for high-school classmate Dina Gravell — a leggy, blue-eyed blond, with curves that will ready any adolescent boy’s human hormones race.

The lady all-American appearance would ready the shape for the future birdies the guy bagged, as well as their connection granted 1st glimpse of forests as a clingy, possessive ro mantic with a penchant for penning gushy enjoy records.

“We comprise each other’s first genuine boyfriend and gf,” the 34-year- older ex, who now has the partnered title Gravell- Parr, told The article inside her very first meeting since the Tiger scandal smashed.

“It was fire and fires. We Had Been in teenage prefer.”

The virginal young partners — she was actually 17, he had been 16 — basic closed sight in 1992 whilst in ac counting course at Western HS in Ana heim, Calif.

“It wasn’t appreciate initially picture. It wasn’t a physical thing,” she as soon as advised an interviewer.

But romance blossomed in months ahead because they lunched collectively and installed away with a group of buddies.

A sheepish Woods finally stepped-up their games by inquiring Gravell to attend a motion picture.

Tiger finished the evening with an embarrassing incorporate.

“At the end of the night I had to inquire about him: ‘properly, was actually that a date?’ He was all shy and embarrassed,” Gravell. “As we mentioned so long, it actually was really uncomfortable. You might tell he didn’t discover whether to lunge for a kiss or otherwise not. Therefore We had a hug rather.”

The two shortly turned inseparable and would pass adore records backwards and forwards during course. Gravell’s families warmed to forests immediately, treating him like a son and having your over most evenings after golf training.

Tiger put the lady the place to find sharpen their internal recon nederland Romeo.

“We would wait for my personal moms and dads to attend bed right after which make-out about sofa in front of the tv all day,” Gravell advised the paper.

“We had been very first sweetheart and girlfriend in all sense of the word,” she informed The blog post.

The connection strike a bump when forests leftover in 1994 to sign up in Stanford University. She finished from senior high school per year before but stayed near to room, attending people university.

At first, they traded mushy appreciate letters and even talked about getting married, nevertheless opportunity apart took their cost.

“I found myself never ever envious but Tiger was a little. He’d ask myself what I had been around as he was actually eliminated. I never ever duped on your, however,” mentioned Gravell-Parr, who has held the missives.

“It is college. He had been a golfer. We don’t flatter myself which he was faithful for me.”

Forest ended the three-year romance in a page.

“the guy said my personal mothers are particularly concerned that you’re a big distraction for me, and that I have to tune in to them. We need to breakup,” Gravell-Parr remembered. “we noticed I found myself punched inside tummy.”

But 2 days afterwards, a broken-hearted forest called, anxiously wanting to reconcile.

“the guy said he had been sad and performedn’t like to live without me personally,” she stated.

Woods called some more era plus delivered roses, but Gravell never spoke to him once again.

“It ended up being very cruel,” she said. “It was actually very unfortunate. We had been therefore near. And just like that, it actually was over.”

Now a stay-at-home mother, Gravell has-been hitched for 12 age to business person Keith Parr. Obtained three little ones and reside in the Santa Ana Mountains of California.

This woman is not shocked from the revelations that Tiger cheated on his spouse, Elin Nordegren.

“i listen, ‘That might have been your.’ And I state, ‘Thank Jesus, it is not,’ ” she stated. “A families is not delighted for the reason that revenue, a family group try delighted considering prefer and respect. I'm Sure my husband loves myself and would not harmed me, which is more important than all of the money in the world.”

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