Enthusiasts ceased cohabitating, but proceeded seeing one another

Calgary kill target Adrienne McColl along with her then-boyfriend ended living together before the girl demise, nonetheless continuous online dating, court read Tuesday.


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In an audiotaped interview with McColl s now-deceased stepfather, John McGee, jurors read the guy didnt approve associated with the connection between the girl and the elderly Stephane father or mother, who was an old supervisor from the bar McGee had.

Lovers stopped cohabitating, but continued seeing one another, stepdad informs historical kill demo Back to movie

But she ended up being a grownup and could do as she pleased, McGee informed RCMP officers exploring McColl s Feb. 14, 2002, passing.

“She was still watching your, I understood she got,” McGee said for the Feb. 18, 2002, taped interview introduced in legal by now-retired RCMP Sgt. Dan MacLean.

“I wouldnt enable him during my quarters, but she had been seeing your,” McGee mentioned.

“we said, Honey, youre 21 years of age. I can t inform you what to do, but I'm able to simply inform ya I Dont need your during my home. ”

McGee had been interviewed by authorities the afternoon after the human body of McColl was actually present in a rancher s area near Nanton your day prior to.



Mother, 53, is charged with second-degree murder relating to the lady death.

McGee said McColl moved back in their Killarney home. She and moms and dad got purchased a condo but destroyed they seven or eight period afterwards, and quickly hired an important flooring of a residence collectively.

He mentioned in November, moms and dad “screwed down back again to Montreal” in which he talked with McColl about her residing plans.

“She concerned me and that I mentioned want to move in? and she stated may I? ”

It was after that the happy couple persisted up to now, but not cohabitate.

On Feb. 12, 2002, McGee proceeded a golfing excursion with a pal to Phoenix, returning on Feb. 17.

When he had gotten room, he receive McColl s canine alone in the home creating urinated and defecated, without signal she d already been through it for several days, the guy stated.


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“once I get back home and view this mess, items didnt search correct,” he informed the officials.

McGee said he found a message on answering maker from mother dated Feb. 13, claiming his car was towed by authorities and was at the impound lot.

He also stated his or her own Mercury Marquis was actually missing out on from their storage but planning McColl had lent they in the place of making use of her own auto.

Inside the orifice address Monday, top prosecutor Shane Parker mentioned McGee s automobile ended up being bought at the airport with a Park and Stay violation in trunk outdated and timed for 5:15 a.m. on Feb. 15.

Parker furthermore said Parent bought a one-way airplanes solution, with earnings, to Ottawa that day.

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